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Virtual Recital Platform Comparison

It’s recital season! How are you going to showcase those beautiful dancers this year? Of course, in-person productions are ideal, but for many of us, those are not an option this year. Many are turning to digital recitals to fill the void.

If you’ve done any research on this topic, you realize that there are a lot of options and factors to consider. Add in a low technology proficiency level, and this process can be a daunting task. Will you stream live or distribute a recorded version? How secure will your data be? How will you receive revenue for these shows? Even though you have a digital performance music license, will your video be muted or blocked? So, what is the best platform to use?

Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” option when it comes to distributing digital media. However, I’ve compiled a list of popular companies along with their general costs and features to mitigate your path. Regardless of the company you chose, your families will appreciate the effort you make to capture those precious moments in your dancers’ lives. Hopefully, with as little stress as possible.

2021 Virtual Recital Platform Comparison

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