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Unique Holiday Gifts for Dancers 2022

A smiling knitted snowman and two brown paper packages with red bows sitting on a dark wooden table.

It's the season of gift giving! Are you ready?

Every year parents ask me what types of accessories they should get their students for Christmas. Since there are a lot of gimmicky tools out there, I like to steer them toward more practical items. I also have teachers looking for inexpensive gift suggestions to give their students. So you can see how having present ideas on hand can be very helpful. Here's a linked list to help get those creative gift-giving juices flowing during this holiday season.

*For your convenience, each idea is linked to a manufacture website or an affiliate Amazon page*

Special finds for teachers

Looking for something small to get your students? These cute Scunci reindeer clips will make a great gift for your dancers this season. They're only $1.24 per package!

A great option for younger students is a sticker pack. This Nutcracker sticker page starts at $1.29.

Classic cartoon characters from the nutcracker ballet. Clara is dancing in a light blue dress while the Nutcracker and Rat King are sporting red uniforms. Also pictured are a green pine Christmas tree and a variety of colorful presents.

Want to stay away from Christmas themed gifts? This package of winter socks makes for a fun and cozy present. At $2.20/pair (currently on sale for $1.27/pair - 11/17/2022) it's a practical and decently priced gift for those with several students. Pro tip: Always look for bundled packs to save in cost.

Personalized Magic Reversible Sequin Pillows

Room Décor

A child's name in bold letters on a canvas frame. The letters are filled with pictures of her dancing.
A collage of pictures making a heart design highlighting a dancer's career.


If you followed us long enough, you know that we are very passionate about children's literacy. Check out this newly released Nutcracker book and many other dance books on our resource page:

Dance Picture Book List

Make-Up / Hair

Ok this next one is a little over the top, but who wouldn't love a tiara? I've ordered several from this company over the years for productions and as part of senior presents.

Dance Bags

Personalized Night Light


Strength Building/Stretching

** Size matters for exercise balls! Use the height of dancer to determine size.

45 cm = Under 4'8" 55 cm = 4'8" to 5'3" 65 cm = 5'4" to 5'10" 75 cm = 5'10"-6'4" **

Class Wear

The easiest gift with so many options! Here are a few ideas to ignite your brain. Note: If you're getting a skirt for a young child, make sure it's the pull-on type versus tie-ups. Ties always come undone in class.

Happy shopping!

Young smiling girl holding red striped packages in each hand and one in her teeth.


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