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Gift Ideas for Dance Teachers

A hand holding a brown paper bag filled with three small packages. Each wrapped with a metallic bow on top.

What to get a dance teacher for Christmas or any other holiday/occasion? This question comes up year after year. My preference is a personalized note on my strengths and noticed contributions with a gift card or cash. However, there is no one-size-fits-all when giving gifts. It is best to think of the individual and get something specialized for them. For example, veteran teachers probably already have cupboards full of personalized mugs, cocoas, and chocolates. While easy, those choices probably aren't the most fitting. On the other hand, an assistant or first-year teacher would probably love a personalized dance mug. Personally, I'd still forgo the candy if it's the Christmas season. I end up throwing the majority of it out at Easter but to each their own. So, what are some unique items to get teachers? Listed below are several options for teachers new and old.

Gift Cards

1) Local dance store credit - Who doesn't love new dance shoes?

2) Grocery voucher - Do you have an unique or more expensive grocery store that they could shop at?

3) Gasoline card - You know it'll be used!

4) Music cards or subscriptions - Also useful!


1) Spa package - Great for relaxation and bonding, especially if it's post-production season

2) Tickets to a Sunday matinee - Are any fabulous artists coming to town this season?

3) Axe throwing - A popular trend right now for a group of people.

Tangible Things

1) Apolla socks - Shock absorbing comfort for those long teaching days = Win!

2) Books - There are so many dance books that came out in the past couple years. Check out our categorized recommendations list: Books for Teachers

3) Food subscription box voucher - We're all on the go and busy. Why not gift a semi prepared meal to make things easier?

4) Unique studio warm-ups - I say unique because they might already have your normal gear. But an exclusive jacket is a great option and can change from year-to-year.

5) Support shopping local- Do you have a unique shop or boutique near by? Perhaps they make handmade products your teacher could shop for?

6) Rocket notebook - A great way to make those hand written notes and drawings digital. They come in multiple styles, but I'd suggest the multi-subject version. They even have an accessory to convert your whiteboard drawings into documents.

For the Assistants

1) Help encourage their dance growth by purchasing unique open classes at a different location or even online. This is my favorite: Progressing Ballet Technique (Not just ballet focused!)

2) Therabands or other gear to help them improve their technique.

3) Specialized ornament or key rings - Normally I'd pass on these tchotchke type items but look at this personalized ornament. It's perfect for assistants or newer teachers.

4) Do you require your assistants or teachers to buy their own stickers or other items to support teaching? These would make great gifts and cut down on their personal costs in the future.

Nothing sparks your interests yet? You'll find the perfect thing in time and your efforts are appreciated. Until then, consider including a questionnaire during your on-boarding process. It's a quick way to get to know them better. Include questions about their favorite drinks, food, allergies and how they feel appreciated.

Best of Luck!


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