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February - I Love to Read - Dance Books!

Once Upon A Dance book series: Danika's Dancing Day, Freya, Fynn and the Fantastic Flute, Andi's Valentine Tree

It's "I Love to Read" month! Have you thought about incorporating a book, poem or any type of text into your dance classroom? Personally, I never learned how to write/read dance vocabulary until I was in college. I had a vague knowledge base but there was definitely a gap in my education that left me behind my peers. So, in honor of I Love to Read month, I challenge you to incorporate one new literacy component into your classroom. To help inspire the creative possibilities, this blog will introduce you to a movement based book series as well as provide you with a special bonus at the end.


Have you heard of it? With their extensive dance background, mother-daughter duo, Terrel and Kaelyn, made great use of the pandemic by developing three series of books for children ages 4-10. These interactive stories cover a wide range of concepts from creative movement and shapes to choreography. Not only does each story utilize dance terminology, but it develops critical thinking skills and provides pictures of Ballerina Konora exploring movements right along with you.

Here's a page from their latest release: Andi's Valentine Tree

Sounds great so far, right? Well, there's one more significant feature these books offer that you need to be aware of. Each story goes beyond just including dance vocabulary by incorporating social/emotional health and conflict resolution skills into their plots. The diverse characters in these stories tackle topics such as; anger management, having physical differences, bullies, expanding families, gloomy moods, and friendships, making them 100% relatable. I just love when a book displays relatable role-modeling for our students.

Once Upon A Dance currently offers over 20 books and resources with the plans to release an additional 8 books. Their books can be found in a variety of locations:

For more information please visit their website:

Finally, to close out this blog here is your special bonus:

Terrel at Once Upon A Dance has so graciously shared the audio version for one of the books just for you. It works well for in-person or virtual learning. Happy reading/listening!

Thanks Terrel!

Once Upon A Dance book: Princess Naomi Helps a Unicorn


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