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Thrill the World Dance Resource

Cartoon skeletons dressed up at Michael Jackson dancing to Thriller

Halloween in my favorite holiday. Naturally, every year I teach my students Thriller and have a dance party. So, thought I'd take a quick moment to pass along this amazing resource...

Thrill the World is an annual global community project where people come together to learn dance steps from Michael Jackson's Thriller. Then, on one select day and time, people from around the world perform it. This year the flash mob will occur on October 29th at 10 am and 10 pm GMT.

If you've ever paid close to the music video, you'll notice that dancing doesn't happen for the whole song. The creators of Thrill the World resolved this by taking the moves from the music video and creating sections of choreography. These sections are easy and repeatable so anyone can remember them. It's also very versatile for your classroom. I've used it as a short one-hour lesson plan or as a week-long project with a stage performance at the end. It's been a memorable highlight in my classroom. I encourage you to explore it in yours too!

P.S. Michael Jackson's song "Ghosts" also makes a great educational study. Check out the making of video here.

Happy Halloween!


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