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Dance Classroom Attention-Getters & Call-and-Responses

Diverse group of students in a classroom raising their hand and smiling.

Are you in need of some fun behavior management tools to get your students' attention faster? Tired of the same old call-and-response system you're currently using? Attention-getters are a great way to positively build community and keep classroom behaviors in check. This blog contains a large list of call-and-responses to use in your dance class. But first...

While call-and-response methods are good, have you thought of using a doorbell to get your students' attention? This type of attention-getter fits my personality best. Plus, it works great as a reward system too. Not into rewards for expected behaviors? I'm not big into rewards either, but this is a perceived reward system that's free, provides student autonomy options, and it works for all ages.

The Doorbell Method

What you need: 1 or 2 door bell systems (~$10-15 USD each)

Chime #1 - 5 minute warning (optional)

Chime #2 - 5 seconds to freeze

How it works: While students are working, use chime #1 to alert them that they need to start wrapping up their work. When you play chime #2, all students must freeze and look at the teacher before the chime stops ringing.

Reward System: If all students are frozen at the end of the chime, they get one point. If someone is not frozen, the teacher gets one point. Keep a running tally all week long. At the end of the week, if the students have more points than the teacher, the classroom gets a reward. The following is a list of rewards that work well for my classroom:

  1. 10 minute dance party

  2. Student music playlist day

  3. End class early and hang-out

  4. Watch dance videos

  5. Themed dance day

  6. Teach the teacher day

  7. Learn a student picked dance.

That's all there is to it! It's easy to keep track of too, which is important. Now, onto the call and responses...Enjoy!

Physical Movement

Teacher: 5, 6, 7, 8.

Students: *Strike pose* <Optional: Shout school mascot>

Teacher: Spotlight on me!

Students: Spotlight on you *Pose with arms pointed to teacher as a pretend spotlight*

Teacher: Let me see those jazz hands.

Students: *Waves hands*

Teacher: It's time to show up...

Students: and shine! *make a rainbow arc with hands and wave fingers*

Teacher: Take it back!

Students: Take it waayyyyy back. *do the nae nae dance move*

Teacher: Everybody freeze...

Students: and squeeze! *give yourself a hug*

Teacher: Mannequin challenge!

Students: *Make a pose*

Music References

Teacher: I can hear your hands clap.

Students: *Claps*

Teacher: This is how we do it. (optional: spoken in the way of the Montell Jordan Song)

Students: *Imitates teacher*

Teacher: 123 o'clock 4 o'clock rock.

Students: 567 o'clock 8 o'clock stop!

Teacher: If you have a problem...

Students: Yo, I'll solve it!

Teacher: Too legit.

Students: Too legit to quit!

Primary Students

Teacher: Head, shoulders, knees and toes. *with movements*

Students: Knees and toes *with movements*

Teacher: Hands on top.

Students: That means stop.

Teacher: Hands on the hips.

Students: Button those lips.

Teacher: Everybody in the house...

Students: *Whispers* Is quiet as a mouse.

Teacher: Banana split.

Students: Now we sit.


Teacher: Quiet on the set.

Students: Action!

Teacher: Can I get a...

Students: Whoop, whoop!

Teacher: Zip it lock it...

Students: Put it in your pocket.

Teacher: To infinity...

Students: And beyond!

Teacher: Flat tire! or ¡Llanta ponchada!

Students: *Tsssss*

Teacher: Waterfall, waterfall.

Students: Shhhhhh. *rainfall fingers*


Teacher: Los pollitios dicen

Students: Pío, pío, pío *flap chicken wings*

Teacher: ¡Oye Amigo!

Students: ¡Déjame paz!

Teacher: ¿Qué tal?

Students: ¡General! *Salutes*


Teacher: Leaves are falling.

Students: Autumn's calling.

Teacher: Pumpkin, pumpkin orange and round...

Students: In the hallway don't make a sound.

Teacher: Hocus Pocus.

Students: Time to focus!

Teacher: They're creepy and they're kooky...

Students: Mysterious and spooky...

Teacher: They're all together ookie..

Everyone: The __(teacher's name)__ family *snap snap*

Teacher: Turkey, turkey.

Students: Gobble, gobble.

Teacher: Gobble, gobble close your beak.

Students: In the hallway we don't speak.

Teacher: Macaroni and Cheese!

Students: Everybody freeze!

Teacher: Sleigh bells ring.

Students: We are listening.

Teacher: Thumpity thump thump, thumpity thump thump...

Students: Look at Frosty go.

Teacher: Silent night.

Students: We are calm. We are bright.

Teacher: Run, run as fast as you can!

Students: You can't catch us. We're the gingerbread men! *run in place*


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