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Dance Assessment App

Are you looking for an easy way to assess a classroom full of students at one time? Would you like a paperless way to provide students with their assessments? Are you looking for a proactive way to show parents if their child is ready to advance to the next level or not? Check out the free app: Rubrics.

In a given week, I teach over 75 students in about 22 classes. While I find it is essential to track my dancers' progress throughout the year, I also think it is one of the most time consuming tasks a teacher has to do. So, I sought out a free tool to make that task easier.

Rubrics is an application where you can easily assess your entire classroom at once. All you have to do is input a rubric or standards and assign students to it. Then, as your assessing your students, you simply click a box for the level of proficiency mastered.

I personally like the smiley face feature Rubrics offers. It helps younger students (or those who do not read well) visually understand where they can improve without assigning a sometimes confusing numerical or letter grade. They simply know the goal is to get to the green happy face.

Pictured below is a screen shot of "Classroom View".

It is broken down into standards and you can easily assess all students at once per standard.

Another option seen below is in "Student View".

Here you can assess one student for multiple standards at once.

This view is also helpful for one-on-one conferences with a student to show their personal progress.

Finally, the feature I appreciate the most is the ability to distribute the results to parents with a few button clicks. I find it extremely helpful to be proactive and transparent with parents on how their child is progressing. Providing parents with progress checks throughout the year eliminates questions on what class level their student should be at. It puts my professional opinion into visual results and goals for success. Students in turn have obtainable goals to work towards and visual satisfaction when they achieve them or at the very least, see growth.

"Parent View"

This is the report that parents receive. Each category is modifiable to your criteria.

Unfortunately Rubrics is currently only offered for Apple users. There are other similar applications out there. Some cost money while others provide you with different features. Rubrics just happened to hit all of the features I desired at no cost thus making my work more efficient.


  • Sort by class or student

  • Customizable

  • Smiley face rating scale that younger students will understand

  • Email reports to families

  • Track progress through many years


  • Apple Only

  • Takes time to input your own rubric


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