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Bitmoji Virtual Classroom

Over the last few months a lot has changed in the world, especially the dance world. Classes have sprouted up everywhere online to keep students active and engaged. While some methods of delivering content during this time have proven ineffective, one tool I find worth mentioning is having a Bitmoji virtual classroom.

What exactly is it? In short, it is an interactive slide that allows students to discover content through choice. It provides students with a sense of normalcy by having a "classroom" to attend. Finally, by using a Bitmoji avatar that resembles yourself, you add a personal touch creating a virtual atmosphere students love.

This tool sparked my interest because I feel it adds the finishing touch and makes the content I'm presenting shine. It takes the task of completing an assignment and turns it into a fun activity. As an added bonus, it is super easy to create and maintain.

I see this tool as a great way to enhance both studio and public school teaching. For those in the public school system, a Bitmoji classroom is a creative way to have all of your content in one place. If a student is absent or wants extra review time, they can go to this classroom at any time to learn. It could also be a great place to put substitute plans for days you are absent.

From the studio perspective, you can put your classes online as well as provide supplemental materials to help your students progress their technique at home safely under your guided instruction. You could also add in materials from other dance genres to get students interested and expand your enrollment.

There are plenty of tutorials online to help get you started. Take a look at this short video demonstration to see if a Bitmoji virtual classroom might be right for you. Who knows, utilizing a Bitmoji virtual classroom might just be the edge that keeps your students actively engaged and your classes fully enrolled.


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