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Recital Backdrops

Are you looking to add a backdrop to your next production? Not sure what you need for the stage you'll be at? Below is a list of several places to choose from and tips to help get you started.

A view of an empty stage from the red balcony chairs.

Before you inquire:

  1. What is the size of the space?

  2. How will it hang? Grommets, pipe pocket, ties or a stand?

  3. Is it fireproof? (Most theaters will require the backdrop to be made of fireproof material.)

  4. Rental or purchase?

  5. If renting, what are the dates you will need it for?

  6. If renting, what are your back-up options if the backdrop you want is already rented?

Things to consider:

  • When to order: Check the lead time for the company. Some rental companies suggest you reserve your backdrop 6-12 months ahead of time to insure you get the backdrop you like.

  • Many backdrops have a pipe pocket on the bottom. Insert a 1/2" PVC or EMT pipe to make the backdrop taught for a smoother look.

  • Hang your backdrop 24 hours in advance to minimize wrinkles from shipping.

  • Bonus: Grosh has a grant to apply for! Check it out here:


A pdf comparing companies who sell theater backdrops.



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