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Summer Dance Camp Ideas

Happy New year! It's time to plan your summer dance camps (if you haven't already).

The back view of a child with long brown curly hair dancing in the sun. The girl wears a pink and blue colored dance costume with roses and tulle. She spins with her arms above her head in a field of daisies

Every year my goal is to have my summer dance programs posted for registration by March 1st. Even that date is late in some communities. Parents know that classes will fill up so, they are eager to register early. Therefore, it's time to plan now and get all of the promotional work done before you get heavily involved with end-of-year production obligations.

I base most classes (young and old) around one theme. Then I sprinkle in a few unfitting opportunities for the more systematic dancers (like your typical technique classes). This month's blog is a list of ideas to help you create a perfect theme for your studio. What will you choose?

Oldies but Goodies

  1. Back in Time (dinosaurs)

  2. Broadway

  3. Circus

  4. Do You Believe in Magic (unicorns, witches and wizards)

  5. Fairy Tales

  6. Jungle

  7. Lights, Camera, Action (acting, singing, models & fashion)

  8. Ninjas

  9. On the Farm

  10. Royalty (Princesses and Princes)

  11. Ship wrecked / Pirates

  12. Slumber Party

  13. Super Heros and Villains

  14. Under the Sea / Beach

  15. Western - On the Ranch

  16. Zoo

Less Common / Out of the Box
  1. Around the World

  2. Camping

  3. Candyland

  4. Colors

  5. Creepy Crawlies (Bugs and Snakes)

  6. Decades

  7. Detectives

  8. Emotions (Inside Out)

  9. Explorers

  10. Food / Nutrition

  11. Nature's Garden

  12. Occupations

  13. Olympics / Sports

  14. Outer Space

  15. Reading Rainbow - Survey students of their favorite book ahead of time

  16. Things that Go Vroom!

  17. Toy Box

  18. Weather (a great way to incorporate Frozen without being too much)

Movie/TV/Character Themes
  1. Adventures of Sonic and Tales

  2. Coco

  3. Cocomelon

  4. Encanto

  5. Luca

  6. Mario

  7. Peppa Pig

  8. Puppy Dog Pals

  9. Space Jam

  10. Trolls

  11. Frozen

Older Students
  1. Audition Preparation (both live and recorded)

  2. Bands and Balls (strengthening)

  3. Choreography Workshop

  4. Filmography for Dance

  5. Resume Building & Head Shots

  6. Scholarship and Application Workshop

  7. Variation Workshop

*Don't forget to bring in guest artists to teach a new style of dance you'd like to see at your studio. Not only does it make your students more versatile, but it'll act as a trial class that will help boost your numbers in the fall!*

Other Helpful Resources:
  • Music and class description options for specific themes can be found on our Behind the Teaching page.

  • New to planning summer camps? Check out our blog on tips to help get you started:


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