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Halloween Party Dance Class Games

Children trick-or-treating on Halloween with Pumpkin candy buckets

I'm not one for playing games in dance class unless it serves an educational purpose. However, my opinions aside, I do realize many of you enjoy adding a game or two into your classroom around Halloween. So this months post is all about the games! Below are 17 ideas on how to add a little "treat" into your dance class. Happy spooky season!


  • Pass the Witch's Broomstick Song-

  • Limbo with broomstick

  • Corn hole/bean bag toss into a witches cauldron

  • Dress the scarecrow - Work in teams to make a scarecrow out of last years' dance costumes. Judge the winner.

    • No mess alternative: Divide class into teams. Each team selects 1 student to lay limp on the ground (in a leotard and tights) as a pretend scarecrow. Teammates have to put a costume on the scarecrow and then sit the scarecrow up into a fun pose for a picture.

  • Dress a mummy - Use streamers (instead of T.P.) and have a contest who can wrap up a partner the fastest.

  • Witch hat ring toss

  • Eyeball race - Balance an eyeball (painted egg or ping pong ball) on a spoon and conduct relay races.

  • Pumpkin bowling


  • Thriller: Great Resource -> Thrill the World

  • Shadow flashlight dance party

  • Improvise tap steps to the Adams family beat

  • Improvise with eyes closed giving Halloween prompts (zombies, spiders, pumpkins, ghost, etc.)

  • Choreography - As a group identify Halloween action movements and have students create a dance.

    • Examples: Roll like a pumpkin, float like ghosts, fly like bats or witches, shake your skeleton bones, stretch and bend like a stiff scarecrow, jump/pounce like cats, leap/hop like frogs and march like Frankenstein

  • Choreography- Divide students into groups and give each group a different Halloween word. Have the groups create a movement phrase by spelling out the provided word using dance vocabulary. No talking in the movement! Have each group present their phrase to the class while the other students try to guess the Halloween word.

    • Example: Ghosts - Grapevine, hop, over, slide, turn, stretch

  • Freeze dance - Any songs work but here are a couple special Halloween ones:


  • Balance soft pumpkins or spiders on your head during barre work.

  • Collect spiders with your toes and put them on a plate. The first student to 10 wins.


Check out our Halloween playlists with over 250 songs for all ages and dance styles:

Happy Halloween!

Two Halloween jack-o-lanterns glowing by candle light in a black room


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