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Dance Studio Fundraising Ideas

Let's talk fundraising this month!

Let's face it, there is always something more your studio needs; a new floor, scholarship funds, competition entry fees, updated costumes. The list goes on. That is why at some point your studio may need to raise money to help a family in need or reach new goals.

For this blog, I surveyed several other studios and composed a list of profitable fundraisers that I categorized into three areas: sell, host, and miscellaneous. There are bountiful options available when it comes to fundraising (Which I'm thankful for because the thought of selling a product like a box of chocolates to someone makes me cringe). Hopefully, one of these options inspires you to try something new and unique. Also, keep in mind, fundraising will attract attention to your dance business which can boost enrollment.


1) Partnerships -

  • Meat market - Partner with a local meat market to produce BBQ boxes. Customers get a box filled with grilling essentials: meat, rubs, sauces, and perhaps a side dish.

  • Garden center - Many people plant flowers or vegetables around their home in the summer months. Why not profit off of something they will already buy? Keep in mind, other seasons provide a variety of flower options as well (poinsettias, Easter Lilies, etc.).

  • Restaurant or winery - Many restaurants or wineries will partner with your organization and donate a percent of their sales during a particular time frame.

2) Food: While I'm not a fan of selling food, I've seen others do well with the Double Good popcorn fundraiser. They have two fundraising versions available (one is completely online). There are no upfront costs and participants receive 50% profit. Check them out here:

3) Crafts - If you're looking for something personalized to sell at your productions, try designing car decals or decorating pointe shoes. Perhaps someone loves creating jewelry and could partner with your studio to make a special necklace or bracelet. I've even seen personalized teddy bears that wear the same costumes as your dancers.

4) Studio Yard Sale - You see them every summer. Why not have each family donate a few items for a multi-family yard sale where the proceeds go towards your dance studio? If you wanted to attract more attention and interest, try enhancing the event with food trucks, a bounce house, or a petting zoo.

5) Cloud 9 Sheet Fundraiser - This one seems a bit strange to me, but many have had success with selling bedsheets. With Cloud 9 you are able to set your own profit margins, so your profit can be substantial. Check them out here:


1) Dinner and a show- This one is pretty self explanatory. Dinner can be as simple as food trucks or more complex like a catered event.

  • Performance - Organize a red carpet premier for friends and families to attend and watch competition dances before the season starts.

  • Fashion Show - A fun way for students to use old costumes and gain stage presence.

2) Parent's Night Out - Everyone appreciates an opportunity to have a kid-free evening. Utilize your older students and their babysitting expertise by organizing a lock-in with the children in your community. It's a pretty simple and quick way to fundraise and build a presence in your community. All you have to do is provide games, crafts, dancing, and pizza.

3) Glitter Photo shoot - This idea is certainly unique and trending. Partner with a photographer and host a photo session at your studio. I'm assured if you put tarps down, the glitter clean-up is a breeze. If glitter stresses you out, perhaps you can try other fun gimmicks like bubbles instead.

4) Dance-a-thon or Parent/Child Dance - We specialize in dance. Why not use it to our advantage? Host a fundraising event by having a social dance for the community.

5) Live or Online Auction - Work together with your families to put together an auction open to your community. Things to include: Themed virtual dance class, lawn mowing for a month, car wash, house cleaning, dinner for 2, movie night basket, game basket, etc.

6) Carnival/Studio Birthday Bash - Who doesn't love a summer party? While this option will take more effort and organization, it'll definitely be memorable and attract people to your business. Things to offer: food, carnival games, bouncy house, obstacle course, cake walk, contests.

7) Movie Night - Grab a projector and host a movie night. Don't forget the popcorn (and the one-time video license if you don't own the rights)!

8) Dance Date Night - Adults like to dance too! Host a date night for adults with a salsa dance lesson followed by an hour of dancing, drinks and hors d'oeuvres. Swing dancing is also popular genre to consider.

9) Alumni luncheon - Help your alumni stay connected by hosting a luncheon. (Hint: It's also a great way to get volunteers for future productions)

10) Game Night - Hosting a trivia or BINGO night with prizes is a fun way to get people involved in a fundraiser. You could also partner with a local restaurant or bar to increase the appeal. **Please be aware of gambling laws in your area**


1) Amazon Smile - Are you a nonprofit dance studio? The Amazon Smile program donates 0.5% of your regular purchases to an organization of your choice (aka your studio). Same products and pricing. No fees or extra cost. Just money sent to your studio. Check it out here:

2) SCRIP - In this program, you purchase online gift cards to use for your regular purchases. No extra money comes out of your pocket but the company sends money to your organization. This program has been very successful at my studio. Some families have covered 100% of their tuition costs for the year. Check it out here:

3) Social media reveal with "Pick A Square" - Do you have a big announcement to make? Have a little fun on social media by revealing it in a picture. Participants select a numbered square and pay to have it revealed. The first person to guess the right answer can win a prize.

4) Tournament - Set up a friendly admission based tournament at your local golf course or volleyball court. You could even have a corn hole (bags) tournament on your studio's lawn.

5) Easter Egg Hunt Delivery - Keep the Easter bunny spirit alive and deliver happiness in the form of an egg hunt. Purchase a bag of plastic eggs from your local dollar store. Fill them up with goodies, deliver and hide them on Easter weekend to registered participants. It's a simple task that will save parents time and energy.

6) Pennies - Have a contest within your studio to see which student can collect the most spare change in his/her dance bag. Make sure to give out fun prizes!


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