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Best Apps for Communicating with Dance Families/Students

Woman answering a phone call while responding to emails on her computer.

It's a new school year! Think back to last year...How effective was your communication with students and families? Were you left answering the same questions over and over because parents didn't read your emails? We all know the email didn't just disappear from their inbox. People get so much information thrown at them in a day that they choose not to read every message. So, what is an effective way to ensure those important emails aren't being left unread? More importantly, what method won't take a bunch of your time to implement and leave you answering the same questions 20 times a day?

This blog will introduce you to two popular apps that have been tested and recommended by teachers and dance studios from across the world. Oh, and did I mention they are FREE? So read on fellow teachers and studio owners. See if these applications could potentially make your operations run smoother.


This one-way communication platform is a quick and simple way to send out reminders to families and students.

  • Works on any device (Android, Apple and computer)

  • Keeps teachers' phone numbers private from families

  • Keeps students' phone numbers private from teacher

  • Shares pictures and documents

  • Can translate to multiple languages

  • Can limit message receiving to the hours of operation

Cons- The biggest con is getting families to join. It's just one more thing for them to do. Other annoyances include: individually adding contacts into your class and having a maximum text limit of 160 characters.


A personal favorite, the BAND app was originally designed for sports teams and marching bands. It offers more than just a quick message between users.

  • Works on any device (Android, Apple and computer)

  • Share documents, photos and videos

  • Share calendar of events and practices

  • Group messages with a video call function

  • Private messaging so families/students can connect with you discretely

  • Adjustable settings to control: privacy settings, notifications, manage admins. and home page design


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