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Back To School Classroom Checklist

Back to school supplies scattered across a yellow background. Scissors, paintbrushes, colored pencils, green book, paint and pencils

Are you new to teaching? Do you have everything you'll need?

The time is upon us! For those of us who teach in an academic setting, it's about time to unpack our classrooms (if you haven't already) and gear up for a new school year. This month's blog is a list of essentials for your dance classroom. Ok, maybe not all items are essential, but they will spark ideas you can incorporate into your classroom this year. So, start scrolling and add things to your Amazon Teacher Wish List!

Furniture Organization

  • Book holder/shelf

  • Classroom carpet (useful with elementary students to define space if you have the room)

  • Coat rack or hooks to attach on wall for your things (3M Clips work great)

  • Desk lamp

  • Floor lamp (some classrooms get too dark when the lights are out)

  • Lockable filing cabinet (other people may use your room so it's nice to have something to keep your valuables secure

  • Shoe bench or shelf (helpful to accommodate those who have movement limitations)

  • Sitting pillow or bean bag type chair for take a break corner

  • Storage cubical and cube bins

Lesson Plan Accessories

  • Multiple sets of dice (great for games and chance activities)

  • Posters or static wall clings with inspirations sayings/pictures for the walls

  • Yoga mats

Elementary School Specific

Here’s a link to a book list: (It’s free to be a member and see the list)

Children sitting in a park gathered around one book reading

Office Supplies

  • The obvious: paperclips, rubber-bands, scotch tape, stapler, staples

  • Pencils and a case to hold them (more than you think you'll need - everything runs out in April!)

  • Colored pencils and a case to hold them

  • Washable markers and a case to hold them

  • Individual white boards & markers

  • Clipboards

  • Construction paper and printer paper

  • Gaffers tape in multiple colors

  • Divider folders for filing cabinets (enough for your different classes)


  • Flashlight (for emergencies when the power goes out)

  • All-purpose cleaner (there's always something to clean up or disinfect)

  • Paper towels

  • Tissues

  • Security cord that attaches to desk for your iPad or music device (your school should fund this but perhaps not)

  • First-aid kit box (most schools will supply band-aids, but it's nice to have a designated box for them)

  • Emergency hygiene products

  • Hair ties

  • Personal laminator (if your school doesn’t provide a service)

  • Small and portable music devices with speakers (I'm talking about old iPads or something similar you can load a song onto for small group work - I know most of our older students have phones or computers to use, but if you're teaching elementary students a couple of these will be helpful)

Tight budget? No problem! Most of these items you can get at the Dollar Store! From flashlights to office supplies, hula hoops, hair ties and cleaning supplies. They seriously have more than you'd imagine. It's always my first stop when back-to-school shopping.

Did I forget something? Leave a comment with the useful items you use in your classroom.


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