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8 FREE Online Ballet Class Resources

In the year 2020, the ballet world exploded with online class resources. It is now easy to look up any professional company and find a follow-along class offered on their YouTube or Instagram page. While I love the experience this brings to my students as they practice at home, I am always searching for materials that provide alternative perspectives to my teaching style. Today I compiled a list of free resources from people who are providing more than just a follow-along class. These resources go an extra step by offering technical explanations as well as other professional advice in the ballet field.

Chun Wai Chan - Former principal at Houston ballet and current New York City Ballet dancer offers vlogs, classes and advice.

Claudia Dean World - Former ballerina of the Royal Ballet offers online coaching, classes, vlogs and advice.

Finis Jhung - A ballet master teacher that offers a variety of technique advice for beginner adult dancers. He also offers other class and teacher training resources at a cost.

Kathryn Morgan - Former New York City Ballet and Miami City Ballet soloist offers online classes, vlogs and advice.

KirovAcademyDC - Offers classes, podcasts and historical vlogs in both ballet and classical music.

Lisa Howell - A physiotherapist that offers free advice on conditioning and technique on her YouTube page. She also offers other resources at a cost.

Smart Ballet - Offers historical readings, technical advice featuring Nikolai Tsiskaridze and ballet classes streamed live 6 days a week in the Russian language.

Wayne Byars - Offers technical advice and ballet classes in the French language.


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