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6 Tips for Teaching Dance on Zoom

As we’re getting ready to start a new school year, for some of us that will include virtual teaching again. The Zoom platform has been a favorite choice to hold classes. Here are five vital settings to help enhance your Zoom experience.

1. Turn on or off the mirror image settings.

- It’s confusing enough for young kids to know right from left. Take the time to establish mirror settings on both ends of your zoom call to make a less confusing dance experience.

How to: Click on the caret next to the Video icon. Choose Video Settings. Under My Video, check or uncheck “Mirror my video”.

2. Perfect your Background.

- For yourself: Having a solid wall behind you will make your body more visible to your students and vice versa. Get an inexpensive floor lap to make your area well lit.

- For your students: Some students may feel embarrassed to show their home life to the class. While the picture quality of the movement isn’t as good, they might be more comfortable.

How to: Click on the caret next to the Video icon and select Choose a Virtual Background.

3. Small Group Performances. Are your students going to present a dance project to the class? Have everyone except the performers turn off their camera. Only the presenters will be on display making the experience easier to follow and more enjoyable.

4. Display names. Are you recording the session so absent students can still participate? You’ll want to be certain display names are turned off for privacy protection.

How to: Click on the caret next to the Video icon. Select Video Settings. Under Meetings check or uncheck “Always display participant’s name on their videos.”

5. Mute. Cut down on the logging and re-logging noise by setting up your Zoom meeting to mute everyone before they arrive.

How to: When you schedule a new meeting click on Advanced Options then select “Mute participants upon entry”.

Bonus: Need to quickly mute everyone in the class?

o Apple: ⌘ Cmd + Ctrl + M

o Windows: Alt + M

5. Reminder alert. Students missing class frequently? Help your students remember the time by setting up Zoom reminders on their App./mobile device.

How to: Under Settings, click Meeting and scroll down to select “Meeting Reminder”.

Bonus: Did you know there is a beauty filter? Yes please!

How to: Under that same caret next to Video icon, select Video Settings then click “Touch up my appearance”.


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