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Closet Organization

If your studio is anything like mine, you collect piles of excess accessories and costumes over time. You forget the materials you have and buy new only adding to the mess. Sure, I have a head piece drawer and shoe bins but I have no clue what they contained. I should say I didn’t know what they contained until I downloaded a closet organization app. It was a total game changer. Now when I plan recitals or community performances I know exactly what I have, the sizes and quantity. The best part, I don’t have to be at the studio!

Encircle Logo.png

The application I’m talking about is Encircle. There are several apps on the market but I found this one most beneficial and it's free! Here are the benefits:

  • FREE!

  • iPhone, Android and desktop compatible

  • More than one person can access it

  • Picture inventory

  • Personalized categories

  • Ability to add descriptions

Main Page

Pictured: I have two different closets


Second Page

Pictured: My "Studio Closet" broken down into categories


Third Page

Pictured: Category "Hair/Costume Accessories"

To keep it simple I used a dry erase post it to display quantities instead of having to click on each picture to read the description.


It may seem like a daunting task to organize your entire closet but this app makes it as simple as taking a picture. The majority of my closet was completed during random spare moments when a private lesson canceled last minute.


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