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This is a site designed to be a resource database for dance teachers and studios.

Here you will find:

-Units/Lesson Plans

& Printables

-Syllabi & Technique Assistance

-Vocabulary Games

-Spotify & Youtube Playlists

-Studio Resources & Documents

and so much more!

Staff Meeting Room Table or Office
Ballet Class with dance teacher and students
Lesson Plans, Documents and Blurred Dance Instructors

Dance Genres

Behind the Teaching

Lesson Plans

An area for information about running a studio (Recital ideas, costuming help, organizational tools, etc.).

An area for dance teachers to find inspiration and technique help for teaching.

An area for K-12 licensed dance teachers to find inspiration and lesson plans.

"This resource made my life so easy, everything is super organized and thoroughly planned. Love the resource! My students love working with resource, super engaging and interesting."

Tatheer A. | ★★★★★

Free Content Demonstration

Middle/High School building with flag

Includes Substitute Plan

Guided Instruction

Yellow camping tent with campfire under the night sky with stars

Summer Camp Theme:

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